Five A’s for Success

The semester has provided many positive experiences for our faculty, staff, and most importantly our students.  This short time has fostered opportunities to grow and plan for a successful school year.

Often, I speak with our students about accomplishment and areas for improvement.  Recently, I shared with a group of students that to plan for success you only need five A’s.  Quickly the students reminded me that there was no way to get five A’s on their report cards, “Mr. Holmes there is no way for us to get five A’s we only get four grades.”  I shared with the students that these A’s are not A’s on a report card, but A’s that will ensure your success in school and in life. 

I share this story with our parents so they can remind our students that lessons learned at Fairfield can help them be successful with future endeavors.  Allow me to briefly share the Five A’s for Success:

In closing, thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Fairfield Elementary School team and for the amazing opportunity to work each day with your children.

J. Kelly Holmes, Jr.